Who is iHustle365 Media Group
A quick biography of who we are and what we do.

iHustle365 Media Group, LLC., has provided Creative Services for the Metro Detroit area for the last decade. Our services have also reached abroad into some of entertainments major cities including Los Angeles, CA; Hollywood, CA; New York, NY; Atlanta, GA; Charlottes, NC; and Miami, FL.

We pride our Creative Services on bringing the best quality at the best prices with a simple statement, “Brand YOUR Hustle”, because we believe that anyone can be a hustler and anything can be branded. Whether it be a service, product, activity, or idea, we can help you build from the ground up or continue building on what you already have to bring your vision to life.

Some of our Creative Services include: GRAPHIC DESIGN SERVICES (Cover Art, Flyers, Logos, etc.); BUSINESS SERVICES (Consultations, Promotion & Marketing, etc.); VIDEO SERVICES (Music Videos, Vlogs, etc.). Our service list is forever growing every day as is technology and our culture.

Some of our affiliates include L. Plummer Media, Supreme Culture, UKnowCell, M City JR, CrowdFreak, and many others who have experienced first hand our top level creative services and our professionalism. We have enough resources to provide you any and everything entertainment, branding, and promotion. Check out what we have to offer, purchase a beat, design your album cover or promote a product. Come “Brand YOUR Hustle” with iHustle365 Media Group, LLC., Creative Services.

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